schematic design

The schematic design phase for the Tweed Valley Hospital is now complete.

The schematic design process looked at the building in greater detail, examining the positioning and internal configuration of each of the service areas. This provides clinicians, operational staff and other stakeholders with an increased understanding of what the new hospital will look like, how it will work, and how the departments will interconnect.

Examining how rooms and services will relate to each other and how patients and staff will move through the buildings, this stage of design also incorporates the next level of detail including the logistics around delivery of consumables, collection and disposal of waste, and interconnection of services such as electricity, water, and telecommunications.

The schematic design also develops the external and internal building finishes, and the overall landscape solution.

Clinicians, operational staff and the community played a vital role in the development of the Tweed Valley Hospital schematic design process, to ensure we are planning and building a hospital that will be a leader in regional healthcare.

Click here to see the artist's impression of the new Tweed Valley Hospital.