Planning our hospital

Our region is growing and changing, and to keep pace with these changes, healthcare delivery is changing too.

The 2018-19 State Budget confirmed a $582 million investment in health for the Tweed-Byron region, which will deliver a brand new, state-of-the-art public hospital on a greenfield site, as well as interim upgrades at the existing Tweed Hospital to help meet the needs of the community until services transfer to the new hospital once completed in 2022.

Building a new hospital is complex business with three distinct stages – planning, design and delivery. The Tweed Valley Hospital will be specifically tailored to the community’s unique requirements. To get a better understanding of how a hospital is built, read Health Infrastructure’s How to build a hospital booklet.  

Planning for the new hospital is a collaborative process involving clinicians and operational staff, patients and their carers, local stakeholders, and the broader community. To find out more about how you can get involved, visit our 'get involved' page. 


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