tweed valley hospital development


The need for a new hospital for the Tweed Valley

The region has changed dramatically since The Tweed Hospital was opened and will continue to grow and change into the future. The way hospital care is provided has also developed over this time and will continue to evolve.

There are several reasons why a new hospital is needed in the Tweed Valley. The key drivers for the Tweed Valley Hospital project are:

  • There are currently significant gaps between the demand for health services and the availability of services locally in the Tweed Valley. The new hospital will provide an increased level of self-sufficiency and introduce new services, meaning that in future residents will be to access the services they need without having to travel outside the region
  • The new hospital will also provide the capacity to meet unmet demand. While the new hospital is being built, a program of upgrade work will be undertaken at The Tweed Hospital to assist in meeting the needs of the community during this period.
  • The new hospital will deliver high quality and safe healthcare, in a purpose-built facility, making use of modern models of healthcare to serve the growing and ageing population across the region
  • The Tweed Hospital is already congested and the current site does not have space to support the development of high-quality new buildings
  • The 2017 floods demonstrated that access to the current hospital site is affected by flooding, and in particular, the existing and growing population centres to the south of Tweed River become cut off from acute hospital services.  Studies have also confirmed that the existing hospital would need to be evacuated under a ‘Probable Maximum Flood’ scenario.