Planning Phase Activities

The Integrated Project Team is currently focussed on the following activities:

Preliminary works

The NSW Government formally acquired the Tweed Valley Hospital site at Cudgen on 2 November 2018. Preliminary works, permissible under the existing zoning of the site, commenced on 5 November 2018. 

Site security and environmental protection works completed to date include:
  • Site establishment, including temporary electrical works
  • Completion of geotechnical drilling
  • Site perimeter fencing
  • Removal of the vacant properties and structures
  • Testing and making safe a small area of asbestos contaminated land
  • Construction of sediment basins and other storm water controls to reduce sediment and other pollutants currently washing into the environmental area.
Ongoing land maintenance works will continue, which include:
  • Weeding of noxious species
  • Other restorative works along the edge of the environmental area.

On-site investigations and technical studies


Initial geotechnical investigations have been completed, which involved rigs on the site to take soil samples, with results informing the planning and design for the new hospital.

Other on-site due diligence investigations, including topographical and ecological surveys, were completed ahead of acquiring the site.
Further detailed planning studies have been undertaken, covering assessment reports on site contamination, bushfire, water impact, biodiversity, agricultural, traffic, heritage, noise and vibration, air quality, aviation, social impact, and infrastructure management.

The findings of these assessments are included in the project’s Stage 1 Environmental Impact Statement and Response to Submissions report, available on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website.

Appointment of early works contractor

The tender for the early construction works of the Tweed Valley Hospital was awards to Lendlease in December 2018. This has enabled their early involvement in the planning, design, and delivery of the new hospital.

The approach to invite input from contractors throughout the design process is an initiative that will lead to better clinical outcomes, patient experiences, and cost outcomes through minimising delays and design changes during the construction process.

As part of the tender process, Lendlease was required to respond to a comprehensive range of criteria, which included design innovation, maximising local industry participating and up-skilling of the local workforce, Aboriginal participation, and apprenticeship training targets.

Lendlease will provide the innovation required to complete the schematic design and construction planning processes for the new hospital, working alongside health planners, clinicians, operational staff, and the community to transform healthcare for the Tweed-Byron region.

Working closely with the Tweed Valley Hospital project team, Lendlease will help to ensure the local community benefit from this significant investment in employment opportunities, roll-on economic benefits, and the provision of contemporary healthcare facilities and services for the Tweed Valley.  

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Designing the hospital

The master plan and concept designs for the hospital buildings have been prepared by the architectural and engineering design team, in collaboration with clinicians, operational staff, and the project’s Community Reference Panel.

The internal architectural design of the hospital will be informed by the clinical planning, defined in the Service Statement for the new hospital, and also the early contractor involvement.

We are now one-third of the way to delivering your new hospital. We will soon begin the next stage of planning, called schematic design, where we consider the positioning and layout of each of our service areas.

This will include ongoing consultation with clinicians and the community to ensure we are planning and building a hospital that will be a leader in regional health care.

To learn more about the considerations and themes of the design process, click here  

Planning approvals

The Tweed Valley Hospital will be assessed as a State Significant Development (SSD) application. Hospitals that have a value of more than $30 million are classified as SSD.
The NSW Minister for Planning or delegate is the consent authority for SSD applications, which are assessed by the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). At the same time as the SSD application, the DPE will also prepare a site-specific State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) which is required to allow the SSD application to be considered.
To ensure that the hospital is completed in 2022 to meet the critical health needs of the Tweed-Byron region, planning approval will be sought in two stages:
  • Stage 1 will seek an overall approval for the hospital concept and consent to commence early and enabling works on the site. These works consist of site preparatory activites such as clearing, bulk earthwoks, retention walls and other in-ground works to enable development of the hospital.
  • Stage 2 will seek approval for the design, construction and commissioning of the hospital itself.
The Stage 1 application and SEPP was lodged in October 2018 and placed on public exhibition by the Department of Planning and Environment from 1 November until 13 December 2018. The Department of Planning and Environment is in the process of assessing the application, taking into consideration the feedback submitted from the community, and has provided the project team with the community submissions to inform the development of a Response to Submissions Report.

For more information regarding the planning approval process, click here

Development approval is targeted for early 2019. The new hospital is scheduled for completion in 2022.

Community input


An important part of the planning process is consumer and community input.

A projects Community Reference Panel was established in August 2018 and has a diverse membership that represents a broad spectrum of the local community. Panel members are invited to attend working groups aligned with their experience and areas of interest to help shape the planning and design of the Tweed Valley Hospital.

The Panel is open to all members of the community and the opportunity to join the panel will remain open throughout the project. Find out more, and how to apply, by clicking here

The Council Reference Group provides a forum for the Mayor and all Councillors to participate in the planning of the project.  The Council Reference Group is supported by the Council technical advisory team, comprising the General Manager and senior planning staff.

Ongoing community consultation has been undertaken by the project team through the Community Reference Panel, community representation at Project User Groups, community newsletters, online surveys and regular pop-up information booths across the region.

If you would like to request an information session or presentation, please contact the project communications team at or call 1800 992 634.