Planning our hospital

How to build a hospitalThere are a number of stages in planning, designing and building a new hospital. The diagram to the right gives an indication of the process, with every project tailored to a community’s unique requirements. For more information on each of the stages in this process, please click here.

The project is being delivered by an Integrated Project Team comprising NSW Health Infrastructure and Northern NSW Local Health District staff, consultants, consumers, and community members.
Planning for the new hospital will be a collaborative process involving clinicians and other staff, patients and their carers, local stakeholders, and the community. We are currently seeking community and consumer representatives to participate in this process. Click here for details of how to apply.

Where are we now?

We are now one-third of the way into the five-year process of planning and delivering the new Tweed Valley Hospital.
Substantial progress has been made following the announcement of funding for a new hospital for the Tweed-Byron region in June 2017. 
  • The Tweed Valley Hospital site at 771 Cudgen Rd, Cudgen, opposite Kingscliff TAFE was acquired by the NSW Government on 2 November 2018.  A comprehensive site selection process was undertaken and the summary of this process and the outcomes is included in the Site Selection Summary Report
  • The master plan and concept design for the hospital site has been prepared by the architectural and engineering design team, in collaboration with senior clinicians, the Northern NSW Local Health District executive team and senior staff, and community input through the project’s Community Reference Panel and regional consultation program. Click here to view the concept design images. These designs are specific to the site, responding to the adjacency to the Kingscliff TAFE and potential for development of an integrated health and education precinct; as well as physical characteristics of the site, including building into the slope of the land to reduce the overall building height and enhancing existing natural areas on the site to add to the site amenity.
  • A State Significant Development (SSD) application, including Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) in October 2018, and placed on extended public exhibition from 1 November to 13 December 2018. NSW Health has responded to all feedback received during the exhibition period in a formal report, lodged with the Department of Planning and Environment in late January 2019. This report will be made publicly available on the Department of Planning and Environment’s website. For more information on this planning approval process, click here
We are on track to deliver the new Tweed Valley Hospital in 2022.

The journey ahead  

Environmental protection works that commenced in late 2018 are on track for completion in mid-February 2019. Following Stage 1 planning approval, which is anticipated in February 2019, early works will commence on site to prepare the site for hospital construction.
The State Significant Development (Stage 2) planning application, which will seek approval for the hospital’s design, is expected to be lodged in May 2019, with a view to commencing main building works on the site by the end of 2019.

Click here to view the project timeline.

The Tweed Valley Hospital will be completed in 2022.