Clinical Services Planning

Regional role of the new hospital

The Tweed Valley Hospital will form the core of the network of hospital and community health centres across the Tweed-Byron region.
The Tweed Valley Hospital is being planned as a predominantly Level 5 hospital. The level of hospital defines the level of each of the services that it will provide for the community, with a higher level meaning there is an increased level of services available. This will position it as a major referral hospital for the Tweed-Byron region. It will operate as part the public health network with Byron Central Hospital, Murwillumbah District Hospital, Gold Coast University Hospital (Level 6) and community health and other out-of-hospital services.

Hospital Service Statement

Planning the clinical services for the Tweed-Byron health network is continuing, and clinical consultation on the Service Statement (a statement confirming the services required) for the new Hospital will continue through July.
The design of the new Hospital will respond to the planning for clinical services. 
While the full list and required capacity of hospital services (e.g. number of beds for each service) will be confirmed in the Service Statement, the new hospital will deliver:
  • additional inpatient capacity
  • an expanded emergency department
  • enhanced surgical and ambulatory care services
  • diagnostic and interventional cardiology (new service)
  • an integrated cancer care service, including radiotherapy (new service).

Network Clinical Services Plan

The Service Statement will be followed by development of a network Clinical Services Plan that will confirm how the broader Tweed-Byron health network will operate in conjunction with the new Hospital. This will include the configuration of community health and other out-of-hospital services that will be provided in Tweed Heads and other population centres across the Tweed-Byron region.

Existing The Tweed Hospital site

The future of the existing Tweed Hospital site will be considered once the configuration of community health and other out-of-hospital services has been determined, through the network Clinical Services Plan.
 Existing hospital services provided at The Tweed Hospital will transfer to the new Hospital once it is completed.

Employment and workforce planning

The development of a major referral hospital will provide significant employment opportunities for the region. This will include all aspects of the project, from construction through to clinical and support services and supporting industries.
Workforce planning is being undertaken to ensure that people with the right skills and experience are available in the right place, and at the right time.   
Education, training and research, as well as a high quality technology-enabled working environment, are key enablers to attracting, developing and retaining the required workforce in an increasingly competitive market.

Health and education campus

The project includes master planning for additional health, education, training and research facilities necessary to support the Tweed Valley Hospital, which will be developed with service partners over time.
Early master planning for the site has confirmed that it will support a range of potential hospital expansion scenarios. It will also support complementary health-related uses that, over time, will deliver a state-of-the-art health and education campus.
This is supported by the site’s location opposite Kingscliff TAFE, which brings the opportunity to strengthen partnerships between Health and TAFE and synergies with developing health-related training and education.